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one of my family traditions is to do something for someone who has less than you on Christmas. growing up i remember going shopping for little toys or helping mom make a meal for a family that just couldn’t have the kind of Christmas my family had. looking back on that tradition i see how grateful it has made me to be able to spend every Christmas with my family. also it instilled in me the value of love and giving at Christmas over materialism and receiving presents.

after my family moved we started making Operation Christmas Child boxes every year. this year i was super excited to share that tradition with G. we shopped for several hours friday night looking for just the right things to put in our boxes. he chose a boy, age 10-14 and i chose a girl, age 10-14.

i hope this is a tradition G and i will keep going. i hope that you will consider a way you can give back at Christmas and celebrate sacrifice over the commercialism of Christmas. oh…and i would have posted a picture of our contents/our faces…but by the time we were finished shopping and stuffing our boxes it was almost 1 am and we looked a little rough. plus, it took several attempts to get everything we bought in the boxes so i was afraid to open them back up. but as i’m sure you can imagine, the contents of our boxes totally rocked.

(ps-click on the link in this post and Scotty McCreery will show you how to pack your very own box)