this past week at church we started a new sermon series titled “Thanks”. but it wasn’t just about celebrating thanksgiving and thinking of all the blessings you have…it was about rejoicing in difficulty.

i don’t rejoice in difficulty. i’d love to say i’m a super-Christian who always does the right thing and is always ready to praise God in all circumstances, but i’d be seriously lying if i said that was me.

i think that’s why the message at church struck such a chord with me. one of the principles our pastor talked about was thanking God in the midst of difficulty for every moment of peace and blessing before the difficulty started.

so today i’m resting in the embrace of my Savior, thanking him. for whether in the midst of victory or defeat, he goes before me. sure, there are things i am not happy with all the time and my life isn’t all sunshine and daisies. but i know that these recent moments in my life have been calm, free of great heartbreak, and rather peaceful. i am so thankful for this time which is preparing me for whatever storm may lie ahead.

you are fearfully and wonderfully made. and i am thankful for you. we wish you a happy thanksgiving and a year of filled with thankfulness (even in the hard times).

other things we’re thankful for:

G is thankful for…Jesus and His sacrifice, A, my great family, my ability to be active, my job, my ability to enjoy God’s Great Outdoors, my few close friends, my home, being able to have 3 meals a day, music, life

A is thankful for…family & friends, indian summer weather, luxuries of this world like my job w/benefits, a dependable car, and an iphone, salvation, good health, and G (i am extra thankful for him this year).