for several years i would dread the holiday season. i worked at the mall and holiday shoppers can be really mean, rude, and selfish. for me, christmastime meant long, frustrating hours at work followed by a rush to get my own christmas shopping finished and gifts wrapped in time.

since graduating college and quitting the mall jobs, i have come to really look forward to and enjoy the holidays. i started listening to christmas music in november (pretty much right after my birthday). AND i’ve already given my first christmas gift.

i wanted to make an advent calendar for G, but having extremely limited crafting skills, i enlisted the creativity of my talented co-worker. she made 24 tiny custom, hand-stamped notecards for me to write little notes on. i used yarn and made a garland and hung it up in G’s room.

on december 1, i gave G a little present to go with his card. it was a christmas cd by straight no chaser. he loves their version of “the twelve days of christmas” and you can’t really give a christmas cd on christmas day as you waste weeks and weeks of listening fun.

really it was just nice to have an excuse to give G an early christmas present.

i plan on doing something like this every year. ooh yay…another holiday tradition!