we had 5 Christmas gatherings. in a week. it was such a busy and crazy week but it was great to get to spend so much time with family and friends.

our first Christmas was with our Hickory friends. we played dirty santa, ate lots of yummy appetizers and desserts, drank a little wine (or rum),  and then watched the Hangover. it was a really good time and i’m so thankful we carve that time out each year despite busy schedules.

on friday i had Joey go ahead and write his letter to Santa while i made Santa cookies. he still fervently believes in santa and even though i think he’s old enough to know the truth…i kind of love the wonder and joy he still has that magic like that could be real.

Joey's letter to Santa and some reindeer food

Christmas Eve was dedicated to G’s family. we had lunch with his extended family. there were probably around 50 people in one house. pretty typical. G has a very large, very tight knit family. and Rowe family gatherings are usually very crowded, loud, and energetic. we took my baby brother with us to give my parents a break and my mom a chance to rest. G’s family are some of the most welcoming people and Joey just ate up being the center of attention as the youngest member of the group.

we went to G’s parents for  the evening to celebrate with his immediate family. we sat and relaxed, ate a little, and enjoyed family time and a few gifts for hours. it was a nice way to unwind after the par-tay we had just left.

G + C with C's new bed!

G's parents