Christmas day was dedicated to my family’s events. we woke up early and opened presents. joey is not afraid to tell you exactly what he wants. he even left me a pile of coupons in early december for toys he had picked out.

he wants me to get a good deal. haha

but when you give joey a present, he lights up and brags on it to everyone he sees. he’s so grateful – even for the smallest things. i love that about him. i hope he never outgrows that quality.

my Christmas present from Joey in 2009

due to health reasons, we didn’t think going to church was a good idea for mom. so we stayed home. even though we didn’t get to go to church on Christmas, the day felt very worshipful to me to be able to spend quality time with my family, something we don’t get a lot of these days.

G actually went home and slept for awhile. Christmas eve night/early Christmas morning his mom and sister got violently ill with what we believe was food poisoning. G was lucky enough to avoid the worst of the symptoms but he did not have a good night and needed a recovery nap.

Joey's letter to Santa last year.

we gathered at my mom’s parents for a late lunch/early dinner and more gift giving. The “adults” decided a few years back to do secret santa instead of getting gifts for everyone. i like that a bunch more.  we also celebrated my mom and brother’s birthday, which was on December 27.

my brother, Matthew, turned 23. holy schnikes, batman! i feel old. i won’t tell you how old my mom is. i hope she’ll appreciate that.

once the family festivities died down, G and i set out for Boone to celebrate, just the two of us. but i’ll tell you about that later.