*warning: this is a lengthy, wordy post. feel free to skip it but i wanted to tell it the way i want to remember it. *

first i guess you should know that G and i started dating on Christmas day (2010). honestly, i’m not one to remember dates like that, but Christmas is pretty hard to forget.

a month or two before Christmas this year, G and i decided to go to Boone on Christmas in the evening to spend the night and celebrate Christmas together, as well as, our one year anniversary. we agreed to save one “special” present to give.

then my mom got sick a week before Christmas.

due to the that and G getting sick (as mentioned in a previous post), i began campaigning against going to Boone. i made a “i’m not going and you can’t make me” argument. but G just kept insisting and after much debate we agreed to go.

the whole drive up, G was so quiet. i thought for sure he was starting to feel really sick again and was just trying to hide it from me. we got to boone around 7 Christmas evening  and everything was closed. we drove around several places in search of food and ended up at wal-greens, the only place besides greasy chinese that was open.

i complained how lame our anniversary dinner was. i feel bad about that now even though it was kind of lame…but from now on i’ll look back and laugh at it. G had a lunchable, skip the “cheese food”. and i had easy mac, made college dorm style with hot water from the tiny hotel room coffee pot. in truth, i think easy mac is gross. but i was starting to feel a little gross myself and mac & cheese is like the ultimate comfort food, right?

after our feast we decided to go ahead and go to the parkway where we had planned on opening our gifts and looking at the stars. i could stare up into the sky for hours. i love looking at stars,  especially from the blue ridge parkway, where the air is so clear and the sky is so vast.

i knew G had gotten me a picture frame but i didn’t know what was inside. i had been begging for months for a kitten and so for a few weeks before Christmas i started saying there was a picture of my new baby kitty in the frame.

inside the frame was a song/poem G had written about us for me. it was so beautiful and i cried sappy tears while i read the whole thing. i won’t write it out here, but maybe if we’re lucky, G will sing it to me at our wedding.

i gave G a watch.

it was cold and incredibly windy on the parkway. i’m talking 30 mph winds. welcome to Boone.  we opened presents in G’s truck and then decided to brave the winds for a few minutes to get a good view of the sky.

G got out and stood waiting for me while i fumbled in the truck to put my gloves on and bemoaning how cold and windy it was going to be when i finally got out.

we star-gazed for approximately 45 seconds before G turned me on the spot and told me he loved me and asked me to marry him.

he got down on one knee with a jewelry box and flashlight to illuminate its contents and i said “yes” as fast as i could make my lungs work properly.

i was really surprised. a few people had mentioned to me they thought we would get engaged over Christmas. i always told them not to get their hopes up because they were wrong.

but here i am…engaged to my best friend and the kindest and best man i know.