(by G) I know it’s a little late…but I wanted to give our engagement story from my side.

Have you ever tried to surprise someone with something, and get the person to a place with no real, logical reason?  Well that was the case for me..

For a while, I knew that I was going to ask A to marry me on Christmas.  So, since it was our one year anniversary, I claimed I wanted to go to Boone on Christmas evening, so we could do something special to celebrate.  I wanted that alone time, obviously, to be able to pop the question.  Leading up to Christmas evening, there were so many events that almost didn’t allow our fairy tale proposal/engagement to happen.  First, A started thinking about the logistics of going to Boone, and spending the night up there, and just couldn’t see why it was logical (we live about an hour and 15 minutes away).  She thought we could spend special alone time together down here.  So there were several debates as to why we should go.  I had to claim (while it was still true) that I desperately wanted alone time away from our families, so we could truly celebrate.  The next big obstacle was A’s mother, and her health.  She was not feeling well, and went to the doctor several days before Christmas.  A was adamant about staying home if her mom didn’t feel better.  I, of course, agreed, but was hoping and praying that she would feel better.  Well….she felt good enough for us to go, but thanks to a circulating stomach virus, my health was in jeopardy.  On Christmas Eve, I came down with a pretty ugly virus.  So, again, A wanted to cancel, and couldn’t see why it was logical to drive all the way to Boone with me feeling under the weather.  I begged her not to cancel our hotel reservations, and pleaded that if I took some meds and felt better that we would be able to go.  So I did, and I made myself feel well enough to go by Christmas afternoon.  The whole way up the mountain, I was feeling nauseous and gross.  Paired with the nervousness, it was a pretty quiet trip on my part, and A noticed the silence.   When we got to Boone, we realized we hadn’t eaten.  Good luck trying to find an open restaurant on Christmas evening in a small town like Boone.  We ended up going to Walgreens, as you know, from A’s post.  She was, of course, upset with that.

Then, the actual proposal.  The story I told, again the truth, was that I wanted to go on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and look at stars (they are pretty awesome up there on a clear night).  So we are driving, and by this time, the virus feeling has converted to just nervousness.  I was trying to think about what I wanted to say, and how I wanted to start.  My plan had been to let A read a song I had written her under the stars, by flashlight, and propose at the end of the song.  Once again, an obstacle presented itself.  Once we got to the place I wanted to stop, gusting winds kicked up.  I mean GUSTING. Like 50-60mph winds.  I thought my truck was coming off of the road.  So, of course, we couldn’t get out while she was reading my song.  After she had read the song, I decided that we needed to brave the winds, so I wasn’t proposing in a truck.  We got out with the winds blowing.  It died down long enough for me to spin her to me, and pop the question.  I don’t even remember what I said exactly, but I know she said yes, and that’s all I needed.  We got back in the truck, and while she called her family and friends, I remember looking up at the night sky and saying, “wow, this is how happiness is supposed to feel.”  I’ve noticed that some of my happiest times have ended with me looking up at a clear night sky and saying thank you to God.  This was no exception.  I was so happy, and am still so happy!

I know my post is kind of lengthy (AGAIN), but I figure since I don’t post as often as A, I should make them count!