whoo hoo i made it! 31 days vegan-living are almost over!!

i can’t wait for february 1 and the ability to eat [almost] whatever i want. here’s a little list of the foods i missed the most:
EGGS – oh man i missed eggs so much. it kind of makes me feel yucky inside to think of going back to eating the hormone filled eggs i have been consuming so i will try to get truly organic and fresh eggs when possible.

chocolate – i’m not a chocoholic but there’s a whole bag of Christmas candy that has been staring me down for the last month. i’m proud to report i didn’t cheat…not even once.

desserts of all kinds – i did make berry crisp twice which was so yummy, but i’ve been dying for a cupcake

cheese – i’m not a big cheese eater either. and i really enjoy the low dairy life…but a big bowl of mac & cheese is good for the soul every now and then. and pizza!

honey – hot tea without honey is just flavored warm water.

i suspect than i’m about to undo any health benefits i gained while a vegan. however, i do have a wedding dress fitting coming up and it would be nice to not feel like a manatee. i did learn that veganism is not really for me. i’ve also been reminded how unhealthy “american” food is. really…we came up with kraft singles and taco bell. yikes.

so here’s to healthy eating while still enjoying all the things you love.