(by G)

I’ve always tried very hard to find the good in things, even when they aren’t so good.  Yesterday brought one of those really challenging times in wedding planning, and, for us, our first major hiccup.

I was sitting at work when my phone rang.  It was A.  She was very upset, and when I asked why, she told me that she had gone to pick up her wedding dress, and it didn’t fit right at all.  It broke my heart to hear her so upset, and I really wanted to be able to fix the situation for her, and be there for her.  Since sitting at work was so painful, I decided to try and get moving on a solution.  So, I called the bridal shop and spoke with the manager.  The manager understood the situation, and said that she would be able to do a size exchange.  (I know that seems pretty easy, but sales on dresses are typically final).

I know that seems like something very small and a quick fix, but to me, this was a big thing.  A is one of the most vibrant, strong, and independent ladies I know, so I don’t always get to be the strong, loving man for her.  It’s good, because I know that if something ever happened to me, she would be able to take care of herself with no problem.  But, I like to get to be the “knight in shining armor”.  It’s a character flaw, I suppose.  I like being able to take care of her and do things for her and feel like she depends on me for certain things.  So, when I got to be there for her when she was the most upset, it made me feel so tall and important to her.  I’m so glad I’m going to be able to do things like that the rest of my life with the most beautiful girl I know.

Love you babe!