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so. um. valentine’s day is not really my thing.

i know. i’m a girl – it’s like in the rule book that i should want to celebrate valentine’s day with enthusiasm. but meh. just not my favorite holiday.

but G likes celebrating valentine’s day. he thinks it’s cute and romantic. and well…i am a girl so any excuse to get a little dressed up and go out sounds like a good thing to me.

G celebrated with filet mignon & 6 mini lobster tails. yes 6.
i had broiled salmon w/champagne cream sauce. oh yes, so fancy.
please excuse the low quality iphone photos.

we came home and watched friends with benefits. my v-day present to G. he says it’s going to be a new valentine’s day tradition to watch that movie. so it’s not the most thrilling or award-winning film ever. we like mind candy. don’t hate.

even though i don’t particularly love valentine’s day. i love G. and i’m so excited that i get to spend all my valentine’s days with him.