so far wedding planning has been pretty easy. however, i find myself worrying about tiny little details that i know don’t really matter in the grand scheme of our wedding day.

and sometimes it’s hard NOT to get lost in blogs and websites full of “helpful” information that just make you swoon and wish you had a 50k budget.

and seriously, even if i had a 50k budget for our wedding i hope i would be realistic enough to realize i could feed hundreds of people for a year who might otherwise starve rather than have custom letterpress and a string quartet.

so in honor of keeping it simple and not sweating the small stuff, i thought i’d share a little list of things i’ve learned {so far}:

1) keep your eye on the prize. our wedding theme is love. not “vintage tea party” or “modern luxe” or “romantic garden”. the goal of having a wedding is to get married to G. other than that, it’s not really THAT important.

2) don’t feel bad. we’re keeping it small. we’re not inviting a lot of people we could invite. we’re getting married on a friday so some people have to take a little time off of work. it will be okay. if people love you, they will support the decisions you make concerning your wedding.

what a smart lady

3) stop looking at wedding blogs, magazines, and pinterest. don’t get me wrong. i’m a moth to a flame when it comes blogs. especially this one. but at some point you have to step away and create the wedding you’ll cherish and not one that keeps up with snippet & ink or 100 layer cake.

escort cards & seating charts. seriously. who has time to think about this?

and 4) make memories. it’s been one of my goals to cry as little as possible about wedding plans so i can look back on this time with joy. i don’t think i’m doing super awesome but i don’t think i’m failing just yet. another reason to keep it simple – the less you have, the less you have to stress out about.

with all that said…i decided i’m in love with washi tape.

i definitely plan on incorporating washi tape into our wedding decorations.