have you seen sex & the city (the movie) where carrie and big [almost] get married? and miranda, samantha, and charlotte all wear designer dresses instead of the typical matching bridesmaid dresses? dresses that flattered them individually, were totally distinct from one another, and extremely fashionable.

if you have ever been a bridesmaid you know that something like that is just a dream.

so when it came to deciding on dresses for my bridesmaids i knew it was my turn to pay my friends back for all the things they’ve made me wear.

i am obviously JOKING.

saturday was a fun girls day. a day to talk and laugh and even try on some bridesmaid dresses.

iย knew i wanted my bridesmaids to like their dress. i knew i wanted them to feel beautiful and not tacky or cheesy or have to wear a studded collar.

i also knew i didn’t want them to feel obligated to wear the exact same dress. i have beautiful friends but my they are not carbon images of each other. they each deserve to wear a silhouette that flatters their individual figure.

the store was insanely crowded. being that i’m now in my twenty-something era of life, i didn’t really take in to account that it’s prom season. ah. teenage girls as far as the eye could see.

my friends must really love me to endure such a noise fest.

and then to my utter astonishment my three very different friends all decided on the same dress. my favorite part is that is has pockets. i’m insanely jealous. maybe i’ll order one too just to fit in. ha!

in other wedding news…our invitations are printed! they are ready to be stuffed, addressed, and sent off! yay!