perhaps you can tell by now that adoption is very important to me.

i guess it’s because i’m adopted that i’m so passionate about it…but really i think i’d still feel the same way even if i weren’t adopted. for reals.

throughout my life i’ve worried that i would never find a husband who wanted to adopt as much as i did. i worried when i met G that he would never want to adopt at all. and really…even now i don’t think G wants to adopt because it’s always been a nagging desire in his heart like it has been in mine. i think G wants to adopt because God gave him a heart big enough to hold adoption in the same light as having a biological child.

but it has always been my plan “a” to adopt…and i don’t mean it like i want to go full throttle for adoption and if that doesn’t work out go the natural way. i mean…adoption feels natural to me. it’s a natural choice for me.

and well…pregnancy is gross to me. go ahead. judge away. but please don’t send me nasty hate emails about how beautiful pregnancy and birth are because i don’t need to hear it. if you’re going to judge me for it, do it where i can’t hear or see you.

G and i plan to make a baby. we also plan to adopt. in my mind, they are decisions equally important to us and we’d be devastated if either one didn’t pan out in our lives.

it’s hard for me to know what else to say because this is the part of our story that is unwritten. every day we get closer and closer to starting our little family of 2 (plus the dog) but i hope we have several years before we expand our family to include a new little human.

who knows what will happen? but in our hearts we know what’s meant to be.

ps. do us a little favor and pray for this family as they wait for their little one to come home from china.