(By G)

So, here’s another one of my “make the best out of every situation” stories.

A few weeks ago, A called me and we were talking, and while we were on the phone, she noticed something. It was what looked like a dark spot or maybe a chip in the center stone of her diamond ring. She brought it home, and sure enough there was a darker spot that almost looked like a crack in the center stone. So, what to do? I’m a very sentimental person, and it was important to both of us that the center stone stayed in our possession…meaning, I didn’t just want to get it replaced. We had several ideas of what we could do with the stone i.e. a solitaire necklace that could stay in the family, and become an heirloom. So, I was torn. It was a very noticeable flaw in the diamond (how I didn’t see it when I first bought it, I have no clue). I didn’t want A to have anything less than a perfect stone, but at the same time, this was the stone I proposed with.

After struggling with it for a while, I felt it in my heart that I wanted to replace the center stone with a superior stone, but wanted to keep the one that was originally proposed with. The jeweler where I bought the ring was running a diamond event with an assortment of loose diamonds. We went…found a wonderful stone…and set it up to have it replaced. I made sure I told them that I wanted to keep the original stone.

After two weeks, we had the ring back, and the center stone looked amazing. It was popping right out of the ring with the light hitting it.

Here’s where it gets good…

Like I said..I’m a sentimental guy (A is sentimental too in case you were wondering). So, I planned to have a “second engagement”. We went over to our friends’ house for some good basketball fun this past Saturday. I had told A that I wanted to surprise her with something afterwards…so of course she was excited. After we left our friends’ house, I started heading back up the mountain towards Boone. She figured out that we were going to the parkway, but just thought we were going to look at stars since it was getting dark. So that’s what I went with. But, on the way up, I started recreating the night when I originally proposed. I had the same music on (A will tell you it’s because I only own 3 cd’s), and started to relive the original moment. For some reason, I started getting nervous again. haha. When we got on the parkway, I headed straight to the spot where I proposed. It had started to get dark, but was still light enough to see. We got out. I walked over with A to the spot where I had proposed, and said, “Let me have your ring.” This is when she figured it out. She said, “Are you going to propose again?!!” I said, “Yep”. So, I hit one knee, and asked her to marry me again. I’m glad she said yes, now that she’s had time to think about it. LOL.

If that wasn’t enough to make the night awesome…we went and had a real engagement dinner (read my earlier engagement post to remember why this is important, haha). Then, after we ate, we went back to “our spot” and watched the stars. God totally threw us a bone. I saw one faint shooting star. Then after a few more minutes, we saw the brightest shooting star stream all the way across the sky from top to bottom. It started so high in the sky, and went all the way to the horizon before it flickered out like a firework. So cool.

So there you have it….two engagements. Not everyday that happens. I thought it was pretty cool.

P.S. there is a possibility we are going to have the original stone set into my wedding band. We shall see what we come up with.