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remember our fantastically awesome engagement pictures?

well they were taken by someone we think is pretty awesome and talented and we want you to know all about him. so you can hire him too. he doesn’t just do engagement pictures. he does weddings. families. bands. kids. pets. you get the idea.

i’ve know him for around 3 years or so. and honestly…ever since i met him i knew i wanted to work with him someday. he just oozes coolness. and not in a hipster wanna-be kind of way. this kid’s an artist. and he’s funny. double score.

meet jonathan o’brien.
gastonia, NC

(yes. we went for a dirty rotten duke fan. he’s that good)

{1} What initially drew you to photography and what keeps you coming back for more?
Well my dad has always had an interest in it and I’ve always thought he did some great stuff, so I wanted to mimic the shots he did. What started my journey was an old Kodak Advantix camera that I got in middle school for my birthday. When I realized that I was actually pretty good at making that camera put out some good work, I wanted to continue with this and invest more into it. After several cameras later, I can’t see myself ever going back. What keeps me coming back for more is knowing that there is endless possibilities with this. I am never satisfied and I always know there is more to be done and always room to get better.

{2} If you could take photographs of one thing and one thing only for all your days what would it be?
I hate this question because if I were only able to take pictures of only one thing, then I would go crazy, haha. But if I must choose, it would be music related photography. That is a goal I have in my life, to be able to make a living off working with bands to get great shots to represent them. I feel like with so many styles of bands out there, I could be as creative as I want and I would always be able to try new things.

{3} Top 3 things you love about being a photographer
1. I never hate going to work, ever. My hardest wedding was way better than my best day working anywhere else.
2. The satisfaction from my clients. I love being able to do what I love, and it making people happy.
3. Being challenged to try new things and making them work.

{4} Who or What inspires you the most?
I can’t really say who inspires me because I would have an endless list and I would still leave someone out. But WHAT inspires me is the whole process. Just like a carpenter enjoys the whole process of crafting that perfect table, I love the process of finding that location, setting everything up just right and getting that perfect shot and being able to see the end result.

{5} The most annoying thing clients say to you?
I want to plead the fifth on this one…but I wont . I guess one thing I hate is when I don’t feel the trust. There has only been a time or two when this has happened, but when I feel like the client has just hired me to press a button on a camera and they will control everything else. Also wedding directors that feel they need to make sure I get every shot that they think I need to get. They often make me miss out on so many other things I need to get by doing so. But overall, I’ve had a pretty high success rate of amazing clients that I’ve been very happy to work with.

{6} Your favorite shoot ever. Where? When? Why?
When I first read that question I had several that immediately floated through my head and wanted to bring up. I love destination weddings, each one has been a blast to shoot. This past year I went to Edisto Island, SC to shoot a wedding. I had been exciting about that wedding for a long time because that was one of my family’s favorite place to vacation and I knew it would basically be like a weekend vacation. It lived up to my expectations with the beautiful scenery and everything about it just fell into place. The humidity wasn’t too kind on my lenses though.
Another one that came to mind from last year was the one that took me to Wilmington, NC. That was just a beautiful day where it seemed like the lighting was perfect all day long and every shot just seems to fall into place perfectly. I could sit here and name quite a few more, but we don’t have all day .

{7} Favorite color. (Inquiring minds want to know)
This changes for me quite often. I once was a deep blue guy, then a green/brown guy, now I’m feeling the burnt orange and vintage yellows.

{8} Who do you think is more awesome…Gary or Amanda?
I’m a big fan of Garanda.

{9} Favorite camera & lens to shoot with
I love the trusty Canon 5DII. And I would have to say my favorite lens that I’ve used was the Canon 85mm 1.2L.