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we were pretty bummed to learn that jonathan o’brien was already booked for our wedding date. lame. i mean seriously? so after fuming and scheming to somehow get the other couple to change their wedding date to no avail…we gave up. and then asked jonathan, “who is the second most awesome photographer you know?” jonathan’s first suggestion was Eric Barker.

we actually didn’t plan to work with eric….although we loved every single shot of his that we saw. but when he contacted us first we knew we had to try to work something out. we can’t wait for him to shoot our wedding. he definitely has turned our frown upside down. now instead of working with one awesome photographer, we get to work with two. ah-may-zzzing.

meet eric barker.
mount holly, nc

{1} What initially drew you to photography and what keeps you coming back for more?
I have always loved taking pictures. I first got serious doing personal videography work around 2002. Then that led to paying work like weddings. After filming many wedding over 3 years of time I slowly started to take more pictures at weddings and decided to put down the video camera and go full force with photography in 2006. Being a photographer is just who I am. Coming back for more is just being me.

{2} If you could take photographs of one thing and one thing only for all your days what would it be?
My 6-year-old son’s life. I loved documenting his life as it changes so fast and his not getting any younger.

{3} Top 3 things you love about being a photographer
(1) Doing what I love all the time and getting paid for it.
(2) I enjoy meeting new people and capturing there big day!
(3) Freedom

{4} Who or What inspires you the most?
Jesus Christ

{5} The most annoying thing clients say to you?
“Are my pictures ready yet?” I get that the day after every shoot it seems. I know they are just excited. ☺

{6} Your favorite shoot ever. Where? When? Why?
I think my favorite shoot was my first wedding back in April 2006. I was so excited and nervous. That day I just knew it was what I wanted to do forever.

{7} Favorite color. (Inquiring minds want to know)
Blue but I’m not a Duke Fan!

{8} Who do you think is more awesome…Gary or Amanda?
From my short time meeting you both I think you both are awesome! I can’t wait to find out more on the wedding day!

{9} Favorite camera & lens to shoot with
Nikon F100 + Nikon 50mm F/1.8 lens