i know what you’re thinking. you’re all like, “oh my gosh she’s such a bandwagon kid”. well so what if i am. i like harry potter. i read the hunger games just because they made it a movie. and i instagram it up. oh yes.

easter ducks. john legend, rex, squirt, and yasmine. john legend and squirt have since moved on to ducky heaven.

the first day of flip flops = spring has arrived.G loves to fish King Elmo. he belongs to G’s family. he’s not as awesome as the kitty we had named Elmo, but he has survived longer so that must count for something.i’m just a little obsessed with the sky

on a final and more serious note. tomorrow is an important day in my faith. remembering and reflecting on my savior’s sacrifice for me. and you. so here’s to good friday. i hope it’s a day filled with God’s glory in your life and mine.