i’m really tired. i  can’t really remember the last time i had a weekend full of laziness. and that’s sad to me. i need that recoup time…2+ full days to sit and stare at the wall if i please. when stretchy pants and oversized tee shirts are appropriate attire for the entire day.

every weekend this month has something planned. a few years ago i would have told you this is a boring month with not much going on. but not anymore. i feel like an old woman recalling her glory days of energy and determination to live on less than 5 hours of sleep a night.

i’ve also been seriously procrastinating on several wedding things. like a cake topper. still haven’t ordered that. did you know that it’s really hard to find an interracial couple cake topper? well it is. at least one that doesn’t look creepy. so i have to order a custom cake topper. which is fine. except i haven’t done it yet. i digress.

saturday our families threw us a little family wedding shower. a lot of our family didn’t show up. but most of our immediate family did and it was important to me that they meet before the wedding. so mission accomplished. we had lots of fun and i ate a lot of junk food.

my future sister-in-law is a cake maker. pretty awesome, right?
joey’s idea of a balanced meal. he had about 20 pickles. but who am i to judge. i had about 30 chips – the really bad for you kind. and i still can’t tell you what flavor i think they were.

anywho…it was a good weekend. but seriously. i need to lay off the junk food for like the next 7 years. at least. friday is G’s birthday. so it will be another fun filled busy weekend. bring. it. on.

ps. G and I added a new member to our little family. he was a wedding shower present. his name is theodore and he’s a little blue beta fish.