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sometimes…you know deep in the middle of yourself that something is worthwhile and that you just have to be a part of it. and well i want you to join me on this little adventure.

do you remember this post? where i asked you to pray for a family waiting to bring their little one home from china. well they’re still waiting. i’m learning a lot about the hard parts of adoption from this family. the paperwork. the waiting. more paperwork. more waiting.

today i learned another hard part of the waiting…knowing your child is living in conditions that you don’t find personally satisfactory. sure they may be clean, well fed, and out of danger. but maybe they live without any comfort. or affection. and you can’t hold them. or rock them to sleep. because you’re on the other side of the world maybe. waiting. for the stars to align and the paperwork to be approved so you can go get your baby.


it makes my heart hurt a little for this family. and at the same time it brings me so much hope. knowing that one more child has a forever family. and the wait is only temporary.

well in the meantime this family needs help meeting a need. the orphanage their daughter is at needs an incubator. can you imagine – teeny tiny babies with no warm place to lay? or a premature baby that desperately needs the safety of the incubator and doesn’t have one? i know. it makes me sad too.

so join me on this project! go to this post on ashley ann’s blog and follow the instructions to help buy her daughter’s orphanage an incubator. even a few dollars could change the life of hundreds of babies.