to G:

today you’re a little bit older. hopefully a little bit wiser. and a whole lotta handsome.
i praise God that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. i’d like to think when he was thinking you up, he had me in mind. i praise God that he’s outside of time…and he already knows our whole story…and that he holds us in his will.
i love you because you’re tall and handsome. the way you try to reason with me even when i don’t want to reason. for dancing with me in the car. even though you’re stubborn. your honesty. and trustworthiness. and faithfulness. you love Jesus more than you love me. you love me more than you love yourself. you always say you’re sorry. you always forgive me. for watching food network with me. and twilight.
but mostly i love you because you’re not afraid to be you – the person God made you to be. the person God made for me. and because i love you fiercely and i just can’t help myself.

I’m no stranger to your gentle reminders
That the world does not revolve around me
But no sooner have you spoken the words
Then your love comes once again to surround me
And every time I look in your eyes
I see the reflections of myself
But this time I want to look deeper
And see you and nobody else

So, tell me what you think, and tell me what you feel
I want to hear the thunder I’m so quick to steal
Listen to the dreams you’re dreaming and celebrate you
Let me show you what a treasure you are
A priceless gift from heaven to this thankful heart
I want to take this lifetime to celebrate you
I want to celebrate you

Celebrate You – Steven Curtis Chapman

today’s your day baby. i love you so many you can’t even count it.
happy birthday.