we played hooky from work for G’s birthday. which was awesome. obviously.

first G went and played a round of golf while i rode around with him in the cart. i actually like riding around with G while he plays golf. sometimes. it’s not like my favorite but i do think it can be fun and relaxing.
G let me drive the golf cart for the first time for like a total of 1.75 minutes.

i made G play by the rules. which he did. mostly. which maybe contributed to shots like this:but then something magical happened! G got a birdie. ooh, aren’t you impressed i know what a birdie is?i don’t really know anything about golf…but G says it was a really difficult shot and he wasn’t even on the green yet. so it was pretty exciting!

we spent the rest of the day doing things like picking up our wedding bands, seeing a movie, and eating good food. we went to a nice italian restaurant for dinner but before our movie we stopped at a sushi bar.

saturday we did some thrifting. G and i love thrifting. i found some really cute sign letters i plan to use in our little apartment. it was my first trip to our only hipster vintage shop in town. i’m hooked.

saturday night i was able to surprise G by gathering a few of our good friends together for dinner. it was mucho fun times.

sunday we desperately tried to just relax because i had actually been sick all weekend and was just faking it that i was okay. sunday actually turned out to be a dichotomy of really awesome and super sucky. but that’s another story for another day.

i hope my cute little fiance had a happy birthday. he’s getting old, people. next year let’s all chip in to purchase him his first walker!