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i struggle with what the theme of this blog is. lifestyle? family? upbeat? honest? all of the above? or maybe it’s just boring. ouch. could be true.

and not to sound too lost – sometimes i struggle with my own theme. and how can i figure out what this blog is all about if i can’t even figure out what i’m all about?

lately i’m struggling to stop going through the motions and live life with intention. and then slowly that type of thinking will trickle into other areas. like this blog.

mostly i want to document me and G’s life. you know. what’s on our plate at the moment. and what’s going on in the world around us that we think is noteworthy. and special memories. and funny stories. but i follow a lot of family blogs that talk a lot about adoption. and so. i’ve talked some about adoption too. because i’m passionate about it.

well today is my “gotcha day”. 25 years ago, on this very day, my parents + 4 grandparents drove to nyc to pick me up at jfk. i feel this is when i fell in love with nyc. because it was the first piece of the usa that i ever experienced. and so i was deceived into thinking the rest of the country was that cool. i was a big ol’ wad of chubby cheeks. and i have no idea what i was thinking at 5.5 months old, but i’m guessing it went something like this: “wow. there are a lot of white people up in this joint.”

just kidding. i didn’t get all street until like 8th grade. at least.

growing up, april 25 was like a second birthday. meaning i got presents and my mom made a special dinner. and it makes my heart full to think of my family. but it breaks my heart to think of all the babies waiting to have a gotcha day of their own.

so in honor of my day. i want you to help a family get to experience their gotcha day.i need you to go to their site, read this family’s story and then donate some cashola (didn’t you hear the part where i’m supposed to get presents for my gotcha day anniversary? well now you know what i want!) or just pray for them.

some of you may be thinking. they already have a bazillion kids. they don’t “need” another one. but oh yes they do. because their little boy already belongs to this family. and he needs them. and they need each other. because God is just really cool and weird like that.

(ps-if you donate, and then leave me a comment, i will send you a thank you myself. see. i’m already grateful!)

go HERE now!