people keep asking me if i’m nervous about getting married. my boss asks me almost every day if i’ve changed my mind.

um. no.

Source: onewed.com via Amanda on Pinterest


in fact. i feel totally calm. chillaxed. and confident about it.

actually. that’s somewhat of a lie. the wedding has been stressing me out. the marriage i’m totally cool with. but the wedding itself? my overly type ‘a’ personality is having daily battles with my lazy and procrastinating personality and it’s unclear who the overall victor is. but on a scale of 1-10, 1 being no worries and clear blue skies and 10 being mental breakdown, i’m typically a 7. so moving up to an 8 isn’t really that remarkable.


here’s what’s left on my plate. feel free to volunteer and handle any of these items for me.
-programs? yay? nay? who cares.
-garter. i will order it today. i promise myself
-G’s wedding present. which is still being made. not my fault.
-bridesmaid bouquets. will be completed may 5.
-playlists. send me your favorite songs and then maybe i’ll be able to cross this off my list.
-decorations. i need to put them together and then ask people to set them up and really i’m putting this off until like may 17. or maybe tomorrow. who knows.
-hair and make up. does it really matter in the grand scheme of life who does this and how it’s done?
-cake topper. better late than never? maybe. maybe not.

in other news. G has completed almost all the tasks on his wedding list. making me look like both a real slave driver and a loser.
what an overachiever.


so yes. i’m anxious about wedding details getting sorted out. but no. i’m not nervous about marrying G. i’m 100% excited about that.