happy may day. this is going to be one of the busiest months of my life to date.

today is moving day! G and i get to pick up the keys and start moving in to our first place together. pretty exciting stuff. i somehow managed to convince G of the joys of being a “city” dweller. (you can’t really call where we live a city). we’re renting a cute little apartment at a complex we both really like. i’ll show you pictures later.

however. neither of us is taking any time off from work to move – we’re doing it in the evenings after work. i know. we’re crazy. if you want to come help i’ll pay you in take-out dinner and more smiles than you’ll know what to do with.

i don’t know if it was the excitement about moving day. or just general stress. or what. but i slept like poo last night. which is unfortunate being that i need the energy of 25 hamsters on speed today. evidence of sleep deprivation. so far today i have already stirred my hot chocolate with my ink pen. and fallen asleep while washing my hands in the bathroom. i woke up when i leaned into the wall. this is no joke people. i need a nap asap.

nonetheless. i have a total joy buzz that i’m working off of right now which will hopefully carry  me all the way through to bedtime. oh yes. pillows and laying down and stuffs like that. i can’t wait.

and because i can’t stand to leave you without something pretty to look at:
we need this in our apartment.