as you know. tuesday did not go well for me. to add insult to injury, my boss told me i needed to be at work by 4:30 am on wednesday. yes. am.

tuesday night we had to wait for rain to clear out before we could start moving stuff into the apartment.

here’s C helping me unload stuff in the kitchen.i got to bed really late. like almost midnight. and then i woke up at 3:29.i am not one of those people that can live off of practically no sleep and still function. i need sleep. i was at work from 4:15 am until 10 am when i had to choose whether to stay at work and be fired for falling asleep or leave.

except instead of going home to nap i assigned myself 20 jobs. i spent the rest of the day running errands, unpacking, and other rockstar duties.

i didn’t go to bed last night until 10:30 pm. (ahem, after getting up at 3:30 am)

needless to say, i am worn out. i told G i wished i had a clone that i could assign all the crappy jobs to and just live the fun life. and then i realized i might be the crappy job clone and somewhere, the other version of me is running around and having a good time. what a jerk.

this week is hard. and every day until the wedding is so crammed full of work, wedding jobs, packing, and unpacking that i don’t feel like i’m enjoying these last few moments before the wedding. le-aim.

but i am holding on to the fact that i am so excited to get married. and go on a week+ long vacation. it will be worth every moment of stress.

15 more days.