So when A and I started this blog, it was mainly to be a way of remembering the way we felt about each other or certain things during our time together.  So, in the spirit of that, I wanted to talk about the most important thing about getting married…the ring of course!!

Wait though….before you judge me, and say “what a materialistic jerk!!”  Let me explain..

Ever since I proposed to A, all I have been able to think about is marriage, and how awesome it’s going to be being married to my amazing fiance.  Everything that goes into that…the ups, downs, good times, bad.  All of it.  I’m so excited for all of it.  I’m excited to know my commitment to her is going to be the strongest and biggest commitment I’ve ever made.  I’m excited to be able to call her my wife.  I’m excited about how lucky I am to be marrying such a hottie.  I’m excited about all of the little things.  I’m just ready.  Don’t get me wrong.  I know there are going to be tough times.  But knowing that she is always going to be there…it’s great.

And, the thing that symbolizes all of that, of course, is the ring that I will wear on my finger.  It reminds me of our commitment to God, and each other.  It reminds me that I am hers and she is mine as one.  And I can’t help but think about the way it feels on my finger, and every time I wear it what it will mean.  Ever since we have gone and had my band sized, I have thought about the way it felt on my finger, what it reminds me of, and everything it stands for.  I cannot wait to be married to this girl.  I’m so lucky….and I’m so happy that I’ve found someone to share my life with.  I can’t wait to wear my band that symbolizes everything about us and our lives together.  6 more days!!