we’re home from vacation and starting to settle into normal life. we had a happy honeymoon at hilton head, sc. it’s very different from all of the other beachy towns i’ve ever been to. resort after resort with no view of the ocean from the road. also – no “wings” stores. but lots of yuppies walking and biking around the island. this is our view from our balcony. lovely.
as a special activity, G played golf at a place called Old South Golf Links. it was the prettiest and nicest golf course i’ve ever been to.

we obviously bummed around on the sand a lot, as well. leading to a pretty significant burn for me. G is always more careful than i am when it comes to sun exposure. so he played it safe with spf 30 from the start.

i’ll share more from our little honeymoon later. but now it’s time to clean and finish unpacking!