we all know the best part about vacation is the food. G got to play golf for his special activity on our honeymoon. i got to eat as mine. i love food. i often feel guilty after i eat something really rich and indulgent. but not on honeymoon week. we cooked our own meals about 60% of the time, but the other 40% i ate whatever i wanted.

ice cream, soft pretzels, cheez-its. don’t judge me.

but on thursday, we made the hour trip down to savannah, ga. to visit paula deen, duh.

this little lady and her sons have a restaurant i’ve dreamt of eating at for years. and let me tell you – it did not disappoint. if you ever have the great fortune to go to savannah you must, must, must go eat at paula’s. you will leave 5 pounds heavier. and it will be worth it. i promise.20120529-205358.jpg


one of my favorite parts of our honeymoon was walking after every meal. it made it feel like the rich, calorie-laden vacation food was actually healthy. so after our buttery, carb-filled, tasty lunch at the lady and sons, we walked around downtown savannah. and stumbled upon a winery we had planned on visiting anyway. we’re partial to woodmill winery (our wedding site) to meet our muscadine wine cravings, but meinhardt vineyards was very good as well. we picked up a bottle of the southern city, which we’re saving as a special treat.

after we got back to hilton head, G told me that we could go to another “food network restaurant” for dinner. which was pretty much the most exciting idea ever to a food-aholic/food network lover like myself. who knew robert irvine had a restaurant in hilton head island, sc?

i almost hate to admit it…but the food at eat! was even more amazing than the lady and sons. (i’m sorry paula. you’re still the best.) G had a huge pork chop served with the creamiest, yummiest parsnip purée ever and some roasted greens that he was pretty much in love with. i was still pretty stuffed from lunch so i went for tapas – fried green tomatoes with feta & balsamic and blue crab cakes with fried greens and creamed corn.and then there was island winery. we went there earlier in the week to just sample a few wines and buy a bottle. but when we got there we got talked into wine flights and a cheese plate. when in rome, right? we had fun with 2 older couples who were vacationing from florida sharing wine and stories and laughing with the little ladies that were running the tasting room.

here’s a fact. it only takes 3 glasses of wine to make this lady giggle. oh yeah. we also had [welcome to] moe’s on the way home. mmm.