G and i come from different worlds. lit-tra-lee. i was born in a foreign country and adopted by my parents who lived in the great state of new jersey (we have obviously since moved to nc). G was born to his parents in the not-as-great state of north carolina. if you know anything about these two lands you know how different they are.

G grew up with a love for the outdoors and outdoorsman-y activities, particularly hunting. his family bonds through hunting together and playing sports together. and numerous members of his family are extremely athletic.

i grew up with a love for the arts. i’ve played piano since i was very very young and have always been a book-worm, challenging myself to read difficult literature. my family is not athletic at all, doesn’t follow sports, and definitely doesn’t hunt.

psychologically speaking, G and i should have repelled one another. but i guess it’s true in some situations that opposites attract. there are also a million instances where we could have met before we finally did meet. his family moved in 2006 to the same road i lived on. i actually remember when they moved in because they painted the house. then we both went to the same college from 2006 to 2008. and both grew very close to the mutual friend, K, that eventually introduced us.

i think about those days at college particularly. what it would have been like to be with G during that time. or what if i had run into him with his girlfriend at the time, with my boyfriend at the time. but as much as fate was determined to send us colliding into one another’s life, God was determined to ensure we met at the proper moment.

we both went through similar situations with long-standing significant others that thankfully fell apart around the same time. while G chose to hide these things in his heart and grow, i dated somewhat haphazardly and am grateful that God did not lead us together during this time. i would not have valued G properly.

my relationship with our mutual friend, K, was one that would grow apart from time to time but in the fall of 2010 K and i started texting and hanging out on a regular basis after we had both graduated and moved back to our hometown. at the same time, G and K were talking and hanging out a lot as well. in fact, i remember one occassion where K and i went to see a movie together and afterward he told me he was going to meet his friend, G.

i don’t really know why K never introduced us. or why G and I never met having shared such a close mutual friend. there are thousands of moments where we could have or should have met but didn’t. but i see God’s hand. keeping us apart until we could be together. we met the saturday after thanksgiving, 2010 (nov. 27). we went to see a movie. about a runaway train i think. with denzel maybe? it was K, me, G, and my friend Adie.

i went with K to share friend time and G was supposed to be meeting this other girl. who isn’t important enough to name. ahem. other girl did not work out so i invited my friend, Adie. so it could be even stevens, boys/girls. i told Adie i thought G was cute. she said he was too skinny. he is pretty skinny. and after the movie Adie and i went on our way to charlotte for some girl time.

when i got home that night, i did what any other sane twenty-something single girl would do. i facestalked. that’s right. i consulted facebook to learn more about this well mannered, southern, skinny boy. i learned he liked to take pictures of himself with dead animals that he had just killed. i learned he liked to wear a carolina panthers cap. a lot. so i messaged him. you know. the private, hidden from everyone else’s nosey eyes kind. because whatever misgivings i had about his dead animal photos, i thought he was cute and worth at least a conversation with.

and lo and behold. he messaged me back. and we talked. and then exchanged numbers and texted until he asked me to go with him to church the next day and i agreed. on the way to church, he informed me that his entire family would be at church – immediate and extended. at which point i started questioning if i should say i was sick and needed to be taken back home. but i stayed and his family was actually really nice.

we spent that whole afternoon together. watching carolina panther football. G took me to Chili’s at halftime and i can’t really tell you how that day felt to me. at the time, it seemed not very date-ish. so i tried to “play it cool” for weeks, which come to find out, G took as uninterested. we finally figured it out and on christmas 2010 became an “official” couple.

i asked G recently when he knew we would get married. he told me it was a couple of weeks after we met. he said, “i told K that he probably introduced me to my wife”. i told him i knew when we had out first little fuss with each other a couple of months into our relationship. i was sitting looking at him with tears in my eyes and i was so frustrated and all i could think was, “i’m going to marry you aren’t i?”

our story isn’t perfect. but it’s ours. it’s one i will cherish because i shared those moments with G. because i see God protecting our hearts. so many nights i cried to God wondering if he would ever lead me to a godly man to marry. questioning God’s goodness and if my heart to fall in love was God’s heart for me. and yet here we are. a+g = mrs. + mr. 

G is the answer to so many of my prayers. he is the demonstration of God’s goodness in my life. and in the words of mr. darcy to keira knightley he has “bewitched me, body and soul”. and ooh i love him so many i can’t even stand it.