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at appalachian state, every thursday night, there is b for d. maybe not these days. anybody know for sure? but while i was there thursdays meant breakfast for dinner. G isn’t that into b for d. but sometimes i’m the chef so i get to decide and well the other night was one of those nights.

we’re super into kale right now. see that green stuff in the corner of the instagram picture? yeah. that’s kale. did you know kale is considered a superfood? (via)
1 cup of cooked kale has only 35 calories, 180% daily value of vitamin a and 200% daily value of vitamin c. some say it has antioxidants that have “anti-cancer” benenits. it also helps you digest protein and carbohydrates. super!

our favorite way to consume kale is crunchy oven baked kale. it’s like potato chips. but green. and healthy. seriously.

crunchy kale.
lots of kale, hard center stem removed
drizzle of evoo

preheat oven to 425 degrees. (HOT!)
place kale on baking sheet in any even layer.
drizzle on that evoo. sprinkle with salt-n-pepper.
bake for 10-15 minutes until ends turn brown and it’s super crispy.


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