we drove down to lake norman friday evening so G could go fishing with his cousins.

i spent my evening as the main course for a swarm of mosquitos. bible i got at least 50 bites on my arms and legs. i know this because i am obviously allergic and each and every one swelled up making it look like i have leprosy. no joke, people.

i also bought my very first scratch-off ticket. it was not a winner.

and enjoyed a gorgeous sunset. sunsets over the water are the best.

saturday morning miss james got her second bath. she was not excited.

i know it’s a double standard that james is allowed on the sofa and cooper is not. but seriously. pets on sofas is not my all time favorite. but they are already bffs and just so stinkin’ cute.

and speaking of cute. yesterday i caught these two cuddling.

(the top picture is me and james friday afternoon. i swear. that girl loves to nap midday.)

how did you spend your weekend?