it’s my first “embrace the camera” post. ever! i’ve been meaning to link up for quite awhile now. but i’m forgetful.

i thought i’d use this as a chance to share about my wedding make up. mostly because i am so proud of myself for honoring G’s wish for me to keep it natural.

here we go.


first i started with a nice clean face. i chose to use urban decay tinted moisturizer instead of foundation because of my freckles. i do not like my freckles. at all. they make it impossible to wear foundation. freckles + foundation = dirty looking face. trust me. unless you’re willing to wear A LOT of foundation. which i’m not. so tinted moisturizer. helps even out skin tone without “covering” your skin.

i used a peachy matte blush that i felt matched my skin tone well and used reliable burt’s bees on my lips with a really sheer peachy gloss.

eye make up is my favorite. i splurged for the wedding and bought the urban decay naked palette. i’ve read about a bazillion positive things and finally broke down and invested (yes…invested) in one. it was definitely worth the $50 price tag. i’m not usually one to spend that much cash on makeup but as i said…totally worth it.


i only used these three for my wedding day look but i’ve tried all the others since and i absolutely love every single color. i primed my eye with urban decay’s primer potion and now i’m also a faithful eyeshadow primer user. go get some. it works and you use less eyeshadow for more coverage. amazing.


i lined my eye in kat von d’s tattoo liner because it will not budge even after washing with face wash. i chose maybelline mascara (my favorite mascara brand). i used waterproof falsies and it made my tiny thin lashes visible and long. i had originally planned on wearing false lashes but abandoned that idea after G expressed his disapproval.

the final product?


how about a side-by-side?

tada. okay now go to emily’s blog and check out some other cool blogs!