lately i’ve been feeling like not a very good wife. this is not a pity party. this is a real life flawed human being sharing her thoughts.
it’s not that i think i’m a terrible wife. i just don’t think i’m super awesome. and i can make tons of excuses for myself about how i’m new at this and still learning. but those are just excuses.

and just yesterday i was whining to myself about how short tempered G can be with me. or how he does this or that. and then i thought to myself. what if i was just so awesome and good and kind to him that it made him want to be just that awesome, good, and kind back. why am i waiting for him to be super husband first when i’m clearly not super wife.

and please don’t get me wrong. G is a good husband. and i really appreciate it. but he’s a flawed human being too.

we all need a little work. amen? mmhmm.

and it came down to a few things that i think i need to do as a jumping off point. there are a LOT of things i need to work on. but becoming a perfect wife is going to take a lifetime, i’m pretty sure. so here goes:

-take more time to be me: i don’t make a lot of time for “me” activities. squeezing in twenty minutes to run or do my nails or read a book is not good enough.
-read my bible & pray more: self-explanatory
-spit it out: if something bothers me i usually just keep it to myself until it happens again and i get mad. it’s not realistic to expect G to not do something i haven’t expressed bothers me.

obviously there are hundreds of other things that will make my marriage just totally rock your face off. but this is where i’m starting.

if you’ve been married a long time, what’s kept your marriage going? or if you’re not married, what are some goals you have for your future marriage? (or maybe you don’t want to be married and that’s ok too.)