i made a decision today.

henceforth i am going to lie. yes. tell a lie. consistently.

you see when G and i got married my name changed from x to y. but at work i wanted everyone to continue to call me x. i work with a lot of people. it is none of their business what my new last name is.

really it’s none of their business i got married. and now you know how i feel about my coworkers.

but people talk. and now everyone wants to know what my new last name is. and i’ve been saying, “oh i’m going to keep going by x here” and they say “yeah but what is your name?” and i reluctantly tell them.

and then i hate myself for sharing that information.

so from now on. i’m just going to say that i kept my maiden name.

yes it is a blatant lie. and no i do not feel bad for telling it. sometimes personal information is just that. personal.

what do you think? should i tell people the truth? or should i just tell people that i’m not going to tell them?