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we had such a full and fun weekend. and i didn’t snap any pictures of it. sometimes you just have to live.

how could you not cheer for these girls?

watched history unfold. michael phelps last olympic gold.

i am crazy about usa beach volleyball. go may and walsh!

did you guys see this guy? what do you think? was it the right choice to let him compete in the olympics? i think it’s awesome.

usain bolt.

other fun moments:
-impromptu double date with the whites to see the dark knight rises. again.
-spending time with the coolest 10 year old on planet earth
-cuddle time with james the kitty
-G cleaned the whole apartment (!) by himself (!!) for me
-saturday night fun with friends, wine, and olympic glory
-tap room food
-family time over spaghetti
-catching up with the parents-to-be

how did you spend your weekend?