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G said not to blog about this topic. but i just can’t help myself. awhile ago i read this article discussing peeing in front of your significant other.

this is a big heck to the no for me.

potty time is private time. thankyouverymuch.

Source: wanelo.com via Shelby on Pinterest

but some people think potty time is public time. at least to your significant other. while others open it up to children. other relatives. and even friends.

i shudder at the thought.

i mean as my friend, do you want to watch me pee? and if you do, maybe we shouldn’t be friends anymore. am i right?

G thinks if you’re married that sharing potty time is not that big of a deal. maybe it’s a man thing? i don’t know.

what do you think? private or not? would you pee in front of your significant other?