a brief life update and a promise for pictures soon.

right now my husband’s entire family is waiting with bated breath for the grand arrival of baby H. my sis-in-law is like a super star working right up until go-time. you can feel free to pray for her and baby H.

but seriously. what is it with everyone and baby fever? please. i cannot even handle that right now. i don’t have baby fever. does this make me a bad person?

yesterday we heard a really awesome sermon about “true religion“. and it has made me think about all the things i do and think out of plain old religion that just don’t matter. God desires my honesty more than my rituals. this is for realsss. also, i learned my pastor totally steals jokes from this guy.

i’ve been really struggling lately with work. i stay away from this topic on the blog for a reason. because it’s unprofessional. but just so you don’t think my life is all flowers and sunshine. work has been tough.

there are zero eggs in my house and i have been craving eggs like a crazy person. proof that i’d never make it as a vegan? somebody buy me a dozen eggs!

i have not touched my camera in over a week. it’s like a crime. i promise i will pick it up soon and take pictures of something glorious. like my cat. ha!