guess what? two our of best friends are married to one another. they also happen to have birthdays less than a week apart.

this was a sacrifice for natasha. she is not a birthday sharer. scott is just old and he probably doesn’t care about his birthdays anymore. just kidding. even old people like birthdays.
so scott was one of the first people i met when i moved to nc. at that time, i hated everything about nc, including all its inhabitants. lucky for scott that he is from illinois. i remember him as being the first person to remember my name and the first person to ever speak to me first.

he became one of my most beloved and closest friends and i feel so lucky to know him. then natasha joined the mix. we were all friends in our little circle and hung out all the time. i would tell natasha and scott’s love story but it took like 5 years to unfold. so i’ll let them post their story on their blog. anyway. natasha and i also became very close friends…which incidentally had little to do with scott. i was a bridesmaid in their wedding. i cried buckets.

i mean seriously. who gets lucky enough to have their best friends marry each other thereby cementing the friend circle? am i right?

then i brought G into the mix and i knew he was a good one because important people like scott and natasha really liked him. the picture is from our wedding. natasha was a bridesmaid (except the married version, whatver that’s called) and scott (along with G’s dad) married us.

and now they’re expecting a BABY and i’m waiting to become an honorary aunt-type person.

anyway…back to the original intent of this post. last week was scott’s birthday and this week was natasha’s birthday. and we really love them and want to wish them many happy years together.

happy birthday to scott!

happy birthday to natasha!!

we’re so glad to be your friends!!!