a + g

i’m A. he’s G.

welcome to our little slice of the internet. if you like us or like reading tidbits of random people’s lives you have arrived at the exact right location.

A is known for her random thoughts and occasional sarcasm. She is a super nerd and knows many Harry Potter spells which she’ll gladly demonstrate for you. A is from nj, where yes, “we pump our fists, not our gas”. she may be small in stature but do not underestimate her crazy asian lady powers.

G is known for his southern charm and Carolina Panthers hat. he loves anything to do with the Great Outdoors or sports. he was born & raised in nc and enjoys the simple things in life. he doesn’t even mind pumping his own gas. if you ever have the pleasure to meet G, be sure to ask him to demonstrate his sweet dance moves for you.

A & G both love Jesus, music, traveling, the Carolina Tar Heels!,  and C (G’s dog, Cooper)

read our love story here
read all about our engagement here


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