the first baby shower


G’s brother Mike and his wife, Chassidy are expecting the very first grandchild in their branch of the family. and guess what? it’s a girl!
G earned an extra man card by attending the baby shower.G and Mike’s grandmom. this photo would be perfection if G wasn’t gnawing on a toothpick.
baby H is all nice and snugly and warm in there. we’re ready to meet you, little lady! you can make your debut any time now!with parents that look like this, how could this baby not turn out gorgeous? am i right?




we pretended to be carefree college students the other night and hung out with G’s cousins (plus girlfriends) at the pool.apparently G and ryan are kissing cousins?
these two cuties are getting married next year!rub a dub dub. three men in a tub.
and to cap it all off? a shirtless shot of my husband. you’re welcome.

Joy in Christ


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good morning. i have some exciting news to share with you. today i am guest posting over at take heart blog!

i’m part of a series called “faithisms”. i feel ultra blessed that i got to be part of this series and have been encouraged and challenged by the other posts as well. so head over to danielle’s blog and read my post and the rest of the faithisms series!


a very etsy wedding.


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confession. we didn’t pay for the bulk of our wedding. my parents did.

we were so incredibly grateful that my parents offered to foot the bill. but that doesn’t mean we felt the need to just blow money on random things. our desire from the beginning was to have a wedding that felt real and sincere to us. a day where we could feel relaxed, have fun, and most of all, feel like ourselves. and that just didn’t include a big fancy wedding. we went for simple, intimate (read: small guest list), and laid back.

here’s a bit of advice that i found very helpful in my own wedding plans: pick one thing that you are willing to spend a lot of money on and then decide where you can cut back.

our number one priority was photography. second to that was location. everything else i was willing to compromise on. as you already know we hired the fantastically awesome jonathan o’brien for our engagement session and the equally as fantastic eric barker for our wedding.

we chose woodmill winery as our location. it was the perfect spot because it was such a great combination of us. it was beautiful and classic and set in the middle of nowhere. it held good memories for us. and we both envisioned our wedding at that spot.
the things i was willing to majorly cut back on i did. my bridesmaids carried beautiful handcut and dyed paper flowers.

we used the same flowers in our decorations.

we opted for a cash bar. that’s right. we didn’t buy people alcohol. and everything worked out just fine. and we served nc barbeque for dinner. i felt like the food was a major nod to G’s ultra southern family.

i bought local honey, jars from a local vendor, and tags from etsy to create our honey favors.

we used another etsy shop to design our invites. ordered the cardstock and envelopes from a wholesaler online. and printed them at office max. best decision ever. i loved our invites. and we saved $$$

and guess what? our wedding was everything we wanted. it was elegant but understated. laid back yet traditional. our guests went home with full bellies and a favor i think they actually used. plus i remember most of my wedding day as opposed to feeling like it swept by me. and G and i both felt calm and just like us on our wedding day.

my advice to any brides-to-be reading this post is this: be true to yourself and your fiance. don’t make your plans based off what others want/expect/demand. do what feels right for the two of you.

ps- for you curious kittens out there. i’m not sure the exact figure of everything we spent…but i’d guess it was around $6000 tops. which is like miraculous according to most budget bride blogs.


weekends are made for living


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we had such a full and fun weekend. and i didn’t snap any pictures of it. sometimes you just have to live.

how could you not cheer for these girls?

watched history unfold. michael phelps last olympic gold.

i am crazy about usa beach volleyball. go may and walsh!

did you guys see this guy? what do you think? was it the right choice to let him compete in the olympics? i think it’s awesome.

usain bolt.

other fun moments:
-impromptu double date with the whites to see the dark knight rises. again.
-spending time with the coolest 10 year old on planet earth
-cuddle time with james the kitty
-G cleaned the whole apartment (!) by himself (!!) for me
-saturday night fun with friends, wine, and olympic glory
-tap room food
-family time over spaghetti
-catching up with the parents-to-be

how did you spend your weekend?



i made a decision today.

henceforth i am going to lie. yes. tell a lie. consistently.

you see when G and i got married my name changed from x to y. but at work i wanted everyone to continue to call me x. i work with a lot of people. it is none of their business what my new last name is.

really it’s none of their business i got married. and now you know how i feel about my coworkers.

but people talk. and now everyone wants to know what my new last name is. and i’ve been saying, “oh i’m going to keep going by x here” and they say “yeah but what is your name?” and i reluctantly tell them.

and then i hate myself for sharing that information.

so from now on. i’m just going to say that i kept my maiden name.

yes it is a blatant lie. and no i do not feel bad for telling it. sometimes personal information is just that. personal.

what do you think? should i tell people the truth? or should i just tell people that i’m not going to tell them?



G’s been hard at work on his chess set.

unfortunately he had a little mishap.

see that cool orange part? well actually you’re not supposed to see the guts of soapstone. which is unfortunate. because it looks pretty cool.

this is the part of the show when i told G he had to be the kind of model that posed.

and this is a blurry shot of a random neighbor in the building opposite ours. i don’t know why i felt the need to stalk him. i think it’s because i felt like he kept looking at us. even stevens.

and i don’t know if you can truly appreciate it or not. but see all those plants at the apartment to random guy’s left? yeah. those people are crazy about some plants. like straight up nuts.

for reals: being a “good” wife


lately i’ve been feeling like not a very good wife. this is not a pity party. this is a real life flawed human being sharing her thoughts.
it’s not that i think i’m a terrible wife. i just don’t think i’m super awesome. and i can make tons of excuses for myself about how i’m new at this and still learning. but those are just excuses.

and just yesterday i was whining to myself about how short tempered G can be with me. or how he does this or that. and then i thought to myself. what if i was just so awesome and good and kind to him that it made him want to be just that awesome, good, and kind back. why am i waiting for him to be super husband first when i’m clearly not super wife.

and please don’t get me wrong. G is a good husband. and i really appreciate it. but he’s a flawed human being too.

we all need a little work. amen? mmhmm.

and it came down to a few things that i think i need to do as a jumping off point. there are a LOT of things i need to work on. but becoming a perfect wife is going to take a lifetime, i’m pretty sure. so here goes:

-take more time to be me: i don’t make a lot of time for “me” activities. squeezing in twenty minutes to run or do my nails or read a book is not good enough.
-read my bible & pray more: self-explanatory
-spit it out: if something bothers me i usually just keep it to myself until it happens again and i get mad. it’s not realistic to expect G to not do something i haven’t expressed bothers me.

obviously there are hundreds of other things that will make my marriage just totally rock your face off. but this is where i’m starting.

if you’ve been married a long time, what’s kept your marriage going? or if you’re not married, what are some goals you have for your future marriage? (or maybe you don’t want to be married and that’s ok too.)

game of love

while i have been doing a lot of this:

G has been doing a lot of this:

i’d like to think i’m the crafty one. but really. G enjoys crafting way more than i do. and he’s much better at it.

he’s decided to tackle a new project: carving his own chess set. pretty old man-ish right? but awesome. obviously.

these little guys are pawns. pretty cool, right?

what have you been up to lately?

let me take your picture.


i won G over. I convinced him that buying us (me) an entry level dslr was a great idea.

for seriously though. taking better pictures is something i want to be able to do to document our life.

so i’m calling all my friendlies. if you and/or your spouse, family, dog, goldfish, etc. would like to be my model call me. i need practice!